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O million

Our billion

Or what miners get

Or they strike a trillion

Of billion

Of million

Of gold

Or we get


Our surprise!

Sixteen is a very important year

The year you get your driver’s liscence

And stress to get into Harvard or Yale

To cram into books

That are 5000 pages long

The president, Abraham Lincoln (the sixteenth president)

Who took the Emancipation

And turned into the Emancipation Proclamation!

The century when Christopher Columbus

Took his 1504 trip

To the Bahamas

And sixteen

Is mostly used

In the number model called




Twenty is the year you finish college

And increase your knowledge

Your final breath of air

And learn DNA from the strand of hair

You learn that the walls have ears

For anyone who hears

Twenty is the year of graduation

But I have to admit

Twenty is just a number

Invented by math magicians



Posted on: May 12, 2013

Nine is the year behind ten

The year of growth

Of your education and your health

Your knowledge of grammar and english

And your sport’s skills too

Nine is when you do book and country reports

That are much harder than you know

The turn of the century

For you and everyone too

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A man, in a casino, rolled a die

When the number was bad, he said why! Why!

And after that, he began to cry

After the game, he said bye bye

The person next to him just wanted to sigh

Just by the gas station, he cried oh my!

The oil price was sky high!

He went to Nigeria to complain about it, and oh my!

The oil company didn’t even apologize!

He traveled home and sighed.

His cook already dined (he had nothing to eat!)


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